Security for commercial and industrial customers

Eliminating unauthorized access is key in protecting inventory and equipment, as well as preventing vandalism. Here is a partial list of commercial security products and services we provide.

Card Access Systems

Card access refers to a computer-based, electronic card access control system. These systems use special access cards or fobs to permit access and egress for secured areas, inside or out. They can provide restricted time pattern access and reports on usage.

rdif key card

High Security Key Systems

Not all locks and keys are created equal. Some provide enhanced security for certain applications. We are a certified Medeco dealer. Medeco is considered one of the most respected security suppliers in the world. Call us for a quote.

Develop and Maintain Master Key Systems

We maintain secure system records.

master key system

Deadbolt Locks

Deadbolt locks are the superior choice for enhanced security. Deadbolts are not spring controlled and require a key to move the bolt, making them far more secure than locking doorknobs/levers.

Panic Hardware

We install panic hardware, also referred to as crash bars. Panic hardware is designed to allow fast and unencumbered exit through a doorway. These are often required on hallway doors and exit doors in high traffic areas. As well, we are the largest supplier in Saskatchewan of electric strikes (electric door releases).

Door Closers

Part of security can be as simple as ensuring doors are closed and locked behind you. A durable door closer will handle this for you.


We carry a wide variety of quality padlocks that will withstand most determined efforts to cut and pick them. When only the best keyed alike locks will do, come see us.


Safes are popular business assets to provide protection from both theft and fire. We can suggest the right safe for your business to protect your personal belongings.

business safe or vault